18, 19 nov ’15: Restorative Leadership Development

Herstelgericht leiderschap

Het International Institute for Restorative Practices organiseert op 18 en 19 november in Amsterdam de tweedaagse training  ‘Restorative Leadership Development’. Leiderschap vanuit herstelgerichte principes doet een ander beroep op verantwoordelijkheid nemen en gemeenschapszin. Hoe pak je dat aan in je rol van bijvoorbeeld manager, docent, bestuurder of ouder? Voertaal is Engels.

Restorative Leadership Development
Learn the principles of restorative leadership, an engaging, collaborative and effective way to exercise your authority.

Tools and techniques will be presented that will teach you how to:

  • Build relationships with staff using practical supervision strategies.
  • Respond to conflicts using an approach that repairs relationships.
  • Effectively manage organizational change.
  • Employ your strengths as a leader to overcome gaps and weaknesses.

This is a highly personalized experience in which you will:

  • Examine your own leadership style and characteristics through inventories and reflective processes.
  • Share your own challenges and receive support and feedback from others.
  • Learn about new organizational and implementation strategies.