16, 17 nov ’15, Restorative Responses to Adversity and Trauma

Ontdek het effect van herstelgericht werken bij trauma

Het International Institute for Restorative Practices organiseert op 16 en 17 november in Amsterdam de tweedaagse training ‘Restorative Responses to Adversity and Trauma’. Een training die enkele jaren terug al snel was volgeboekt. Voertaal is Engels.

Restorative Responses to Adversity and Trauma
Whether you work with youth living in poverty, families with broken relationships or older immigrants facing language barriers, you know that adversity can be as debilitating as extreme trauma. Learn techniques that can help you work with individuals and communities facing adversity or impacted by trauma.

You will learn how to:

  • help individuals heal in the wake of personal harm
  • foster trusting and supportive relationships with clients
  • develop methods for your own self-care and avoid burnout